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Immigration Journey Part 4 (Heathrow to Madrid)

When we attempted to board the Iberia flight from Heathrow to Madrid our US passports were flagged and my wife and I were put aside to a special boarding agent who had to confirm our Visa again and what our reason for travel was. It was much less of an inquisition than at SFO and LAX.

When we landed in Madrid it was the usual routine. Immigration was normal with the normal stamp and no questions. The only check was right before baggage claim where we had our QR health code scanned. No one asked for the PCR results, no one took our temperature. Probably of everything the most impressive thing is that our luggage all arrived intact.

Renting our car was uneventful and it is really late 2330hrs so we are spending the night at the Airport Hilton and will start the 6 hour road trip early in the morning. Let’s see what road blocks we encounter!! Keep you posted.

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